The therapists of Rosalind Smith Counseling LLC strive to maintain your private information in a confidential and professional manner according to ethical standards and legal requirements regarding privacy. Please be advised, however, that there are certain circumstances under which confidential information may be disclosed without your express permission. Please review the limits of confidentiality below.

  • Therapists are required to provide the information specified by a subpoena issued by a Court of Law.
  • The results of treatment or assessment must be revealed to a Court of Law when the client has been ordered into treatment by the Court.
  • Therapists may take steps to protect a client or others from imminent danger when a client threatens physical injury to self or others.
  • Therapists must report disclosures of abuse or neglect of a minor.
  • Therapists must report disclosures of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an elder.
  • Therapists must report disclosures of abuse, neglect, or major unusual incidents of a person with an intellectual disability or a developmental disability.
  • Parents/guardians have legal access to the clinical records of a minor.
  • Counselor consults with Supervisor and fellow clinicians in individual and group supervision settings about clients’ progress.
  • If a client experiences an emergency, the emergency contact provided by the client may be contacted.
  • Staff and office personnel have access to client information for maintaining client records.
  • Should you desire to release any or all of your counseling records to another party or for yourself, you must provide written permission. In order to release the counseling records for couple’s or family counseling sessions, all parties in the sessions must provide written permission for the release of any clinical record materials.

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