Couples Counseling is a valuable tool to help couples form and sustain healthy relationships. During the counseling process, the couples will gain insight into their relationship and learn ways to resolve conflict. Their relationship satisfaction can be improved by adjusting how they interact with each other. Each person not only benefits from the success of the relationship but also their children and families because the conflict resolution strategies learned can be transferred through their interaction with others. Couples counseling has been known to be beneficial in resolving current or ongoing issues, preventing exacerbation of problems, or simply as a check-up for an otherwise happy couple who is experiencing changes or increased stress. Another benefit of Couples counseling is the ability to help partners regain a sense of excitement and romance in their relationship.

For couples counseling to be effective each person must commit to the counseling process and each has to be completely open and honest with the other. Progress is experienced when both parties put forth the effort and work to improve their relationship satisfaction.

Sometimes one partner does not want to participate in counseling. The willing partner can still learn ways to improve communication and interaction. The subtle changes made over time will eventually affect the other partner in a positive way.

  • Financial issues
  • Parenting
  • Sex
  • Infidelity
  • In-laws
  • Chronic Health Issues
  • Infertility
  • Gambling
  • Emotional Distance
  • Persistent Conflict

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