Rosalind Smith Counseling helps individuals and couples heal from emotional pain and trauma. Clients discover a renewed way of thinking and living that empowers them to live their best lives. Rosalind Smith Counseling offers various services to help meet clients' mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

FROM FORGIVENESS TO HEALING is a faith-based 8-week transformational journey that supports individuals through the process of forgiveness. The program design helps individuals release the burdens and pain that they have been experiencing due to unforgiveness. However, most people don’t recognize the toxicity that unforgiveness creates in their lives and how it impacts their decision-making and interaction with others. Above all, From Forgiveness to Healing helps individuals gain insight into how their painful and stressful life experiences have shaped how they view themselves and others. [READ MORE]

PERSONAL COUNSELING – Personal counseling provides individuals a safe environment to deal with life experiences that cause a disruption in everyday living. Through the process of self-discovery, the person will develop insight, which increases self-awareness to gain a better understanding of their emotions which influences their behavior and thinking. [READ MORE]

PREMARITAL COUNSELING – Premarital counseling provides couples with vital relationship-building information to help couples communicate more effectively and the ability to resolve conflict in a healthy manner. The Keep Living, Loving, & Laughing Premarital Sessions have the potential to create healthy relationships by helping couples identify unhealthy behaviors and replacing them with intimacy-producing behaviors. The Keep Living, Loving, & Laughing Premarital Sessions will enrich your relationship by focusing on the following: [READ MORE]

COUPLES COUNSELING – Couples Counseling is a valuable tool to help couples form and sustain healthy relationships. During the counseling process, the couples will gain insight into their relationship and learn ways to resolve conflict. Their relationship satisfaction can be improved by adjusting how they interact with each other. Each person not only benefits from the success of the relationship but also their children and families because the conflict resolution strategies learned can be transferred through their interaction with others. [READ MORE]

HOLISTIC THERAPIES are natural approaches to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, and Aromatherapy are all known to improve the well-being of those who consistently put them into practice. They are all known to relieve stress, boost energy levels, strengthen the immune system, and aid in the healing process. [READ MORE]

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