Becoming A Trauma-Informed Ministry is a 3-hour training that will equip ministries with essential knowledge about trauma and its effects on individuals. Participating in this training will give participants a new perspective on spirituality and how our bodies perceive the world around us. Additionally, you'll acquire valuable skills to support individuals dealing with mental health issues and who have endured traumatic experiences.

My desire as a Christian Trauma Therapist is to equip you with the necessary resources and knowledge to cultivate a secure environment and promote the importance of seeking professional assistance when alternative approaches fall short. I am dedicated to making a meaningful difference in individuals' lives while breaking down the societal barriers and perceptions surrounding mental health treatment. Together, we can make a positive impact in the community.

Benefits of the Training

  • Gain knowledge about trauma-inducing events and behaviors

  • Introduced to a unique perspective on spirituality and the experiences of the body

  • Learn active listening and communication strategies

  • Learn and experience supportive strategies to support members

  • Gain knowledge on when to refer to a mental health professional

To book a training for your ministry, please schedule a 30-minute video consultation by clicking book training.

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Comments from previous trainings:

"This was very informative and insightful. Integrating the word of God with the knowledge of dealing with individuals suffering with trauma. The physical aspects of cause and effect of trauma was extremely informative."

"Well, the training hit me personally on sexual abuse when I was 12, and it gave me some resources and how I dealt with it."

"This training helps to make an individual more aware of different possible triggers and reactions people can have."

"Just want to say, we may think when we get saved that everything is perfect with us, but we are just beginning our purpose to know ourselves, and to know Jesus."

"Outstanding presentation."

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